David Ventura


David Ventura, a seasoned entrepreneur and self-taught tech enthusiast, brings a wealth of experience in finance and marketing to his role as CEO of LiTech. From an early career specializing in wealth management and estate planning, David has always embraced challenges as opportunities for growth and self-improvement. His transition into the marketing sector showcased his adaptability, where he utilized his financial acumen and technological skills to craft impactful marketing campaigns across various industries.

Now at the helm of LiTech, David is leveraging his diverse expertise to innovate within the lithium extraction industry. His career, marked by continuous transformation and a steadfast commitment to personal and professional development, equips him to lead LiTech towards revolutionizing the sector. Guided by his faith and a dedication to innovation, David remains committed to global impact, ongoing learning, and fostering positive change.

Cobey Huish


Cobey Huish brings with him an exceptional record of achievements in the commercial finance industry. His tenure at LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. for over 16 years speaks volumes about his dedication, strategic acumen, and the ability to consistently deliver results. Cobey has a track record that demonstrates his impressive sales and business development skills.

In his role at LEAF, Cobey has shown expertise in handling a wide range of essential equipment financing, such as general office equipment, communications, IT, and medical technology for clients that range from midsize to enterprise level businesses. This experience will be invaluable in managing the operations and financial aspects of LiTech LLC.

Cobey’s educational background further enhances his capabilities. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Finance and Marketing from California State University, Fullerton.

Michael Hart


Michael Hart, our Chief Financial Officer, is a seasoned financial professional with a diverse industry background. He has held the position of CFO/Controller at Evolv Sports & Designs for over six years, where he honed his skills in financial management and leadership. Prior to this, he held similar roles at Innovation Medical Technologies, Inc. / C&G Medical Enterprises, LLC, and Medical Implant Solutions, LLC.

Michael holds a Bachelors in Business Administration, specializing in Finance, from the University of Colorado Boulder – Leeds School of Business. His education, combined with his extensive experience, provides him with a solid foundation in all aspects of financial management. He excels in improving the accuracy and timeliness of financial data, identifying and implementing process and procedural improvements.

As CFO, Michael is responsible for our strategic planning and fiscal management. His expertise lies in accounts payable & receivables, payroll, budget planning, financial reporting & analysis, financial modeling, cash management & forecasting, and cost accounting in revenue recognition. His abilities ensure our financial stability and growth.

Robyn DeTorres


Robyn DeTorres, the third-generation owner and President of Young Company, brings more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience to our team. She is an industry trendsetter, with a record of innovative, bold marketing concepts that engage audiences and effectively communicate branding messages.

Robyn’s comprehensive skills and experience span multiple roles within the marketing field, including positions as Vice President, Digital Marketing Strategist, Internet Marketing Manager, and Search Engine Optimization Analyst at Young Company. 

Her approach to marketing strategy combines clever and creative use of technology with heart, vision, and passion. Robyn has a proven track record of optimizing clients’ marketing strategies by identifying areas of improvement and implementing necessary changes. She is adept at delivering sustainable strategies that can adapt to a company’s changing needs, ensuring long-term success.

Robyn’s passion for connecting people, exploring ideas, and giving hope to visions is evident in her work and drives her ongoing commitment to business growth and technical advancement.

Advisory Board

Dr. Jamil Sader

DLE and Business Development

Dr. Jamil Sader, a distinguished figure in the mineral resource industry, brings over two decades of profound experience to LiTech as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). With a Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa, Dr. Sader’s academic credentials are complemented by his vast professional journey spanning various esteemed organizations.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Sader has held pivotal roles at MMG Resources, Anglo American, and Bureau Veritas Minerals. From his initial days as a field geologist to ascending the ranks to senior management, he has garnered a comprehensive technical understanding across a spectrum of base, precious, and critical metals. This depth of knowledge is further enriched by his extensive global network of geoscience professionals.

As the CSO at LiTech, Dr. Sader plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s strategic direction. He leverages his expertise and extensive network to drive business growth, foster strategic partnerships, and position LiTech at the forefront of the mineral resource industry. His vision and leadership are characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to strategic innovation.

Currently, Dr. Sader also serves as the CEO and President of MineScience Advisors, where he continues to showcase his expertise in the mineral resource domain. His dedication to technical advancement, industry growth, and strategic innovation makes him an invaluable asset to the LiTech executive team.

Carlos Cottin Rojas

Legal | Mining and Natural Resources

Carlos Cottin Rojas is a distinguished legal advisor specializing in mining and natural resources. As a partner at Ax Legal & Business Advisors since January 2023, he leads the mining area with a focus on assisting innovative technology and service companies in their business endeavors across Latin America. His expertise is instrumental in guiding firms through the complex legal landscape of the mining sector.

Educated at Universidad Gabriela Mistral in Chile, Carlos has honed his legal acumen to become a leading figure in the acquisition and development of mining projects. His experience at Quinzio & Olivares Abogados, where he served for over 11 years, is marked by his adeptness in due diligence, securing permits, community negotiations, and structuring mining contracts for exploration and supplier agreements.

In his role with the Chilean-Australian Chamber of Commerce, Carlos served as the Director and then as the President of the Mining Committee, where he was responsible for fostering communication and business exchange between Chile and Australia. His efforts have significantly contributed to the growth and innovation in the Chilean mining industry.

Fluent in Spanish and English, Carlos’s linguistic skills complement his legal expertise, allowing him to serve as a bridge between diverse business cultures. His leadership and legal guidance are invaluable to LiTech’s mission to navigate and comply with international mining regulations, ensuring ethical and strategic business practices.

Gabriela Palmieri

Sales and Business Development

With a rich tapestry of multicultural experiences from Venezuela, the US, and Chile, Gabriela Palmieri brings tenured experience in Sales and Account Management to LiTech. Fluent in English and Spanish, and French, Gabriela navigates through multilingual and multicultural business landscapes with ease, fostering robust international collaborations.

Gabriela has carved a niche in developing and implementing astute business strategies across various industries, notably in digital solutions and business intelligence information services. Her roles have spanned from Key Account Management at Drimo and Acid Labs to managing strategic alliances at Grupo DNA, always prioritizing customer satisfaction while ensuring the growth of company portfolios.

In her role with LiTech, Gabriela will leverage her analytical problem-solving, smart working, and resourcefulness to drive sales and develop relationships in South America and beyond. Her proactive and persuasive nature, paired with a positive attitude and rapid learning capacity, is set to be instrumental in positioning LiTech’s solutions optimally within the international market.

Ryan Marshall

DevOps Solutions Architect

With a rich history in web development, Ryan Marshall has significantly impacted the Hawaiian tourism industry by leading the creation of an award-winning suite of software solutions for activity and tour bookings at ActivityRez. His technical journey, showcased on his GitHub, spans managing multiple git repositories, ensuring PCI DSS compliance, and developing enterprise-grade web applications.

Ryan, founder of Stoked Industries, has demonstrated a multifaceted skill set, from Linux and Git to various programming languages, across his entrepreneurial and freelance projects. His role as a Media Specialist at the Research Corporation of the University of Hawai’i highlighted his adeptness in IT support, web development, and accessible content creation through photography and videography.

Now an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Ryan brings his extensive expertise to LiTech, aiming to navigate and innovate within the realms of infrastructure management and cloud architecture.

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